Using FujiWax as a cleaner?

Post Date:2018/3/11

FujiWax will remove bugs, grimes, dirt and a lot more. For best results, spray FujiWax directly on to the surface, and let it soak. It does not hurt the body of the car to leave FujiWax on for many minutes. Soaking takes as long as it takes. Sometimes it only takes seconds, sometimes it requires many minutes of soaking. FujiWax does tend to slide off vertical surfaces, and so respray to permit soaking on sides and fronts of vehicles.

If you have to rub hard, you did not soak your blotch surface long enough.

Clients and valued users have also reported success in removing: bird droppings, felt pen markings, tree saps, brake dust, tape and chewing gum, oils, grease, glues, and much more. 

Using FujiWax to clean plastic headlight covers.

Due to the wide variety of headlight plastics, and previous mis-treatments of headlights by owners, we cannot guaranty that all headlight will fully clear. However, because most users do report considerable success in getting the hazy, frosty look off of their headlight covers, it is worth mentioning. FujiWax contains no harsh abrasives. Simply spray directly onto the headlight, let it soak for anywhere from 1 minute to 20 minutes, then wipe off with microfiber. It is best to do this in the shade, or on a cool day, so that the wax does not dry during the process.

Using FujiWax on rims.

Spray on to rims, or dab on with a cloth. Let it soak (not all rims are the same, not all brake pads are the same). This could take seconds or many minutes, so be patient. Wipe off with a rag, or spray off with a hose in the street. Polish with micro-fiber if needed.

Now the wax will form a protectant layer making your rims easier to keep clean. 

RVs, campers, caravans, fifth wheels, motor homes, etc.