About Us


FujiWax was designed to save time in the world where seconds decide the champion. Today, FujiWax is no longer a secret globally and future partners expanding to international markets. Unlike traditional car cleaning products, FujiWax Interior and Exterior Detailers requires NO water – its unique formula of lubricants and carnauba wax lifts dirt and grime away from paint and other non-porous surfaces quickly and easily saving time, water and money for the everyday champion.

FujiWax Interior and Exterior Detailers are the ultimate all purpose product for in and around your home. For our houseproud customers FujiWax eliminates the need to have multiple products – it replaces your shower cleaner, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner and more. Customers who live in apartments love the convenience, it requires no water which means you don’t need to go searching for a bucket and hose.


FujiWax is passionate about our products and reducing our environmental impact. We make the most sustainable choices possible and we take pride being kind to the planet for our future generations:

- Our FujiWax Waterless Wash / Detail has helped save the thousands of litres of water used for a comparable wash with water (saving between 10-100L per wash).
- All of our bottles are 100% recyclable.
- Unless absolutely necessary, We prefer our bottles in Non Aerosol containers.
- Water is a precious commodity for the enviroment and life. We can preserve what we have for future generations by adopting a waterless washing lifestyle.

Keep it cleaner for longer with FujiWax means less water.– it’s the perfect all-in-one cleaning product that can be used on your car, motorbike, truck, caravan, motorhome, boat, bicycle, windows, mirrors,and even your kitchen sink!