Many other uses for FujiWax?

Post Date:2017/1/20

·       Home Office. Items like desks, monitors, computers, laptops,
·       Phones, Printer coverings, Fans.
·       Doors, Walls , Cubicles
·       Exteriors Frig, Oven, Dish washer, Washing Machines
·       On garden furniture: FujiWax acts as a cleaner and your furniture will stay cleaner longer because the water slides off the waxed surface.
·       On sheds, house siding, stair ramps, metal or vinyl doors, etc.
·       Use FujiWax to clean the edge of your fiberglass swimming pool.
·       Clean your BBQ doors and wings.
·       Clean bird feeder domes.
·       Bicycles.
·       Glass inside your fireplace.