Waterless Car Washes in layman’s terms?

Post Date:2019/3/10

You’ve probably heard about a waterless car wash or a spray on car wash or a dry car wash, but you have absolutely no idea what it is! Come along with us, we will cover the basics of a waterless car wash, the results you can achieve and how you can wash your car at home with minimal water use. IT’s an eco-friendly and efficient car wash that uses little or no water. So basically layman’s terms, its a waterless car wash. It also allows you to service your car in narrow spaces while saving surprising amounts of water. And is an amazing way to clean your car if you live in an apartment building of have a covered parking. Waterless products are more advanced than regular soap used for a mobile car wash as they need to compensate for the lack of water.
Thus, the efficiency of the waterless car wash is usually better than using water-based methods. The plus side to this is that you are doing the environment a great favor, when using a waterless car detailing, instead of using between 50 to 100 gallons (200-400 Litres) of clean water when using a pressure washer or a hose. The only water you need is bucket of water to rinse your towels.